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I became a photographer 28 years ago, the day after I first saw the photographs of Dorothea Lange at the Oakland Museum. I was smitten with the visual art of human truth-telling, but I wasn't aware that I was also responding to a call to study the relationships and personalities within family systems. Why? Like everything we are drawn to, it was personal. In my baggage was a history of childhood trauma, and my soul yearned for new frames of reference for who other humans were and how they bonded. I also desired to create visual proof for my youngest clients that someone had seen and cherished them. Because I had longed for such proof for myself.

Photography accompanied me into womanhood and emotional clarity. Now, what I bring to my work is simply a pure, enormous love for people and endless curiosity about who they are and can be. More so now than I could when I was younger, because my knowledge of the human experience with its joys, aches, failures, and successes is vastly more expansive than it was when I was 23.

To be able to do this work is perhaps the most miraculous blessing I was ever given, because it has shown me the breadth of humanity. It returned my trust and faith in people that I'd lost as a child. And I never forget that each sitting is a sacred privilege that requires relationship, time, inquisition, sight, sense, gut feeling, mutual vulnerability, and trust. 

My mission as a photographer is to help you feel and see what an exquisite soul you are.


Image by my mentor and friend, Nan Phelps, taken in Berkeley in 2022 



DR Photography - Best Editorial


DR Photography - Best Portrait


PHY Journal - Best Series Nominee



Strand - Group Exhibition


Cafe Otto - Group Exhibition


Mirador Gallery - Group Exhibition


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