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This is the camera I first became a photographer with, given to me by Luna Leopold, son of Aldo Leopold. I was house sitting for him in Berkeley at the time. He used to photograph river systems from an airplane in the sky with his Rollei, and he told me "take care of it, it's a fine instrument." It is. Rolleis aren't made anymore, so I swaddle mine like a baby.

I shoot with this Rolleiflex and a Hasselblad, both medium-format film cameras, using only natural light. 


I shoot this way because I love the square format, the slow, pensive journey that film requires, the quality of the grain, the authenticity of what's captured, and the exquisite beauty of hand-printed silver-gelatin images from film negatives. My clients are called to my work because they want something rare, unique, and highly intimate. 

One flat creation fee is charged for the sitting, which includes a silver-gelatin fiber print of the most genuine, meaningful image that emerges.


Expenses for travel, film, processing, and printing of additional images are charged at cost. 

Sittings take place anywhere you feel you belong in the world. 

I thoughtfully select up to 4 clients to work with per year. 

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